About Us

In the centre of the romanticized and tranquil Galle Fort. ANTIC is ringed by colonial buildings, a smattering of restaurants, well-preserved ramparts and a crescent of coastline.

Refined yet relaxed, with spaces that are small, warm and comfortable, ANITC is for those who crave the comforts of a home, the sophistication of a boutique hotel and the privacy of a beachside retreat in one place.

The rooms are not incredibly large or gratuitously opulent but ANTIC is a space where you can feel right at home from the moment you walk in the door; except that someone comes to clean your room everyday, where you have a cellphone instead of a fixed line and passionately made home cocked meals courtesy of the lsmall family.

Each room number is denoted with a year of colonialism and inside the room is a plaque that speaks of the history of Galle Fort during that year. ANTIC has five rooms that are furnished with textures that are interesting to touch and hold, add warmth to a room. The room is coloured in hues of turquoise blue, seashell beige and cooler colours that make the space feel larger and airier. Built over a hundred years ago, ANTIC houses furniture and fittings that are older than the property itself. Located at No 3. New Lane ANTIC was once the private residence of Irlan lsmail’s parents. lrfan, the owner of ANTlC has a bent for beauty and in less than a year, he has built most of it by his own hands to create a space that’s welcoming, warm and aesthetically perfect.

The historic charm of our building will enchant you: listen to the creaking turquoise wooden floor whispering stories of the past. Marvel at the fittings around you, the sweeping views of the fort outside or behold your relaxed self in the magnificent golden mirrors in the hallway.

In a country where service comes with a smile, lrfan has gone the extra mile to ensure that each guest is catered to individually. it‘s his family who make up the team at ANTIC and they are very helpful.

The entrance of ANTlC is unmistakable with abstract paintings on timber doors and windows that tell the tales of the era’s long gone. The paintings were done by acclaimed and established artist Mueen Saheed.

The hotel has four rooms each with a private bath and all amenities including wi-fi, hot running water, cable television and lockers.

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